Motion Banner Stand

Revolution Stand / Revolution Hang

This scrolling banner stand features a custom printed poster that continuously rotates along the display. Since people are naturally attracted to motion, the unit can draw more attention than a static display. This motion banner stand that is motorized increases advertising presence. Since graphics continuously loop around the display, people can see double the length of your message. This motion banner stand more information in less floor space. Rotating posters are perfect for trade shows, conventions and more. User can change printed graphic any point of time according to their requirement.

Product Name Print Size Weight Packed Dim Open Dim Suitable Print
Revolution Stand 30 x 136 inch 4 kg 34 x 4 x 10 inch 32 x 12 x 80 inch Flex / Inkjet PP
Revolution Hang 30 x 136 inch 2.8 kg 34 x 4 x 10 inch 32 x 12 x 80 inch Flex / Inkjet PP