LED Slim Star Light Box

LED Slim Star Light Box / Frames offer a unique way to display your artwork and graphics

Are you scheduled to attend an upcoming exhibition or you are planning to open new office / shop, but have no ideas on how to display your artwork? Well, you have come to the right place, because we offer a very unique product that captivate, even the most difficult consumers. Our LED Slim Star Light Box / Frames offer an extraordinary platform for your artwork and graphics. Below, you will discover more in depth details about the LED Slim Star Light Box / Frames and its unlimited benefits.

Full visibility 

Our LED Slim Star Light Box / Frames are unlike any of the traditional art frames, because they are designed to offer full visibility, the frame will not interfere or take away from your artwork and in fact, it will enhance the colors and print in more ways than one.

Frame & interior design

LED Slim Star Light Box / Frames it is constructed with anodized aluminum material with a semi matt finish. The anodized finish and slim profile will make the frame nearly invisible, when the LEDs are on. LED lights are mounted on LGP Crystal Clear sheet.  A special dotted pattern printed on surface the LGP to defuse the light from the LEDs on the sides of the sheet so that an even and high bright light is emitted from the surface of the acrylic sheet.  The LED lighting will high brighten up your beautiful graphics, so it will earn the attention that it deserves. You will be happy to discover that the LEDs have a nearly lifespan of 30,000 hours and they are energy efficient, so they will not drive up your energy bill.

Unlimited application options 

Not only can you utilize our LED Slim Star Light Box / Frames for your business, you can utilize it to display your family portraits also. The illuminated picture frame will turn any ordinary poster into a work of art, plus it will make a great addition to any room in your home. You will also have the option of hanging the LED Slim Star Light Box / Frames in a horizontal or vertical position, so customize as you will.

Available Size : 1.5 x 2 Feet, 2 x 3 Feet, 3 x 4 Feet, also can be make as per customer requirement upto 8 x 4 Feet