When it comes to mobile tours technology is one of the best ways to differentiate one truck from another. Graphics are eye-catching but for an engaging consumer connection high-tech touches such as lighting and sound effects and other cutting-edge makes the experience memorable and worth the investment of time energy and money.

“Everyone is looking to stand out and be different with their vehicles ” 

LED. LEDs are actually semiconductors that convert electricity into light. They’re better at sending light in one direction than your usual incandescent or fluorescent bulbs so they’re useful under counters in hallways staircases and now mobile tours like the 10 red busses that make up the Walgreens Take Care Health Tour, Another plus: they draw less power than incandescent or halogen lighting. Look for LED backlit graphic panels to move from outdoor signs and kiosks onto the vehicles themselves. These weatherproof panels can offer up all kinds of information.


  • 10 x 6.3 Feet Video Wall (Sides)
  • 6.3 x 6.3 Feet Video Wall (Back)
  • 6 x 1 Feet Text (Front)
Pixel Pitch 6 mm
Module Size 192 x 192 mm
Pixel Density / sq. m. 27777
LED Encapsulation SMD 3535
Module Resolution 32 x 32
Optimum Viewing Distance > 6 m
Optimum Viewing Angle Horizontal : 140,  Vertical :  130
Power Consumption per Cabinet 275 W
Brightness >6500cd/ m2
IP Grade IP30
Working Voltage AC110V/220V + 10%
Life Span >50,000 Hours